CRICS academics contribute to International Women's Day feature

March 7, 2014

Professor Maggie Kirk, Professor Donna Mead, Professor Ruth Northway and Dr Roiyah Saltus have contributed articles to a feature on International Women’s Day.

More than twelve USW academics shared their thoughts on what International Women’s Day means to them.

The feature also serves to highlight some of the important research taking place at the University, in areas as diverse as genetics, human rights, governance and reproductive health.

professor Maggie Kirk Professor Maggie Kirk
I grew up in the mid 1950s and 60s, when the role and status of women in the UK was very different. I recall tongues wagging because my mother took up part-time work whilst her children were still at school and wore trousers to work. There has been a great deal of positive change since then. However, there is persistent and widespread denial of women’s basic human rights. Read more…


Professor Ruth Northway Professor Ruth Northway
It is commonly said that knowledge is power and the development of knowledge is a key purpose of education. For International Women’s Day my wish, therefore, is for a world in which all girls will be given the opportunity for education and that all women will be encouraged to continue their education to the extent they wish. Read more…


Dr Roiyah Saltus Dr Roiyah Saltus
To say that nothing has changed would be absurd; to think that we have come far enough in this fight would be equally absurd. There is still a need for a day to both celebrate the achievements of women around the world, and to campaign for women’s equality. Read more…


Professor Donna Mead Professor Donna Mead
In February I notched up forty years as a nurse. There have been huge changes in the role of nurses during this time. When I began my nursing career the days of you having to leave the profession if you got married were over. Nursing has remained a predominately female profession and since its inception in war torn Crimea, nursing has been inhibited by its closeness to a male-dominated profession – medicine. Read more…


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